Lower Electric bill

Lower Your August, Florida Electric Bill!!

August in Florida can feel like living on the surface of the sun. They don’t call it the “Sunshine State” for nothing. To make it livable you need central air-conditioning. A swimming pool and a job indoors doesn’t hurt either. Keeping cool can be expensive. You can find the average electric bill in your area

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recoup your investment now

Recoup Your Investment NOW!

There is no other part of a new home that will pay you back. Sure, a home is an investment, hopefully one that will pay off when you sell it. But there is one aspect that can pay you back the first year you live in it. Studies have shown that people stay in there

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Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Damage and Rebuilding

Hurricane damage from Hermine is just the latest in a series of natural disasters. There has also been the terrible flooding in Louisiana and unrelenting fires in Canada and California. While offering our thoughts and prayers to the victims of these disasters, we want to contribute in the best way we know how. When your home

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