Builder Plan Gallery Subscription

Great news!

With our new Energy Smart Home Plans (ESHP) website, we’re very happy to once again offer our Builder Plan Gallery subscription service.

What exactly is the Builder Plan Gallery subscription and how does it work?

ESHP provides builders a custom web page that contains our entire Energy Smart Home Plans collection. The builder’s customers access this page through a “Home Plans” link on the builder’s own website. To see how it works for a local builder and good friend of ESHP, Greencastle Inc. visit their website.

Once on the Greencastle website click on the “Home Plans” link to view Greencastle Inc’s Builder Plan Gallery landing page with custom copy. You may choose to provide some of your own text or simply use our customized generic copy like that seen on Builder Plan Gallery subscriber, West Builders.

Builder Plan GalleryESHP’s 188 plans available in many of the most popular architectural styles can significantly expand your home design offerings and greatly increase your web traffic. Greencastle and West Builders currently share well over a thousand visitors to the ESHP plan galleries each month. With the new ESHP website and an on-line marketing investment, our web traffic is anticipated to grow up to tenfold this year, certainly benefiting our Builder Plan Gallery subscribers.

The New ESHP Plan Search capabilities help customers find just the right home. Since we provide Plan Modifications, customers can have their new home exactly the way they dreamed it to be. Since nearly every ESHP customer requests modifications, our ability to provide them greatly increases the likelihood the customer will build the home.


There’s more.

• Energy Smart Home Plans Builder Plan Gallery subscribers are placed on our Find a Builder” map and are also included in the ESHP builder list with their contact.

• BPG subscribers enjoy 10% off every plan purchase.

• We also offer our Builder Plan Gallery subscribers deep discounts on Builder Spec Home Design, Custom Home Design and Plan Modification fees.

 ESHP will be adding at least another 30 plans this year, attracting even more web traffic.

• When a Builder Plan Gallery builder knocks it out of the park with an ESHP design, we’ll post a blog congratulating the builder, like this one for Kevco Builders.

What does the Builder Plan Gallery subscription cost?

• The current Startup fee for the custom Builder Plan Gallery landing page (link) complete with your company logo is $1500.00. (Ready for your web tech to link to your website’s “Home Plans” tab.)

• An Annual fee of $350.00 will be billed on your every anniversary date for as long as you want to remain a subscriber.

With your Startup fee and a hi-res image of your logo, we can start offering real savings on Energy Smart Home Plan purchases, add your company to the ESHP Find a Builder map and builder list and have your Builder Plan Gallery landing page ready within 7 days. Why wait? Start attracting more local customers who are seeking a new energy-efficient home, to your website!

A detailed proposal agreement will be provided upon request. Don’t delay. Call or email Energy Smart Home Plans owner/designer Dave Jenkins to get started.