Custom Home Design

Custom Home DesignVery important to our Custom Home Design Service is having a good understanding of our client’s “wish list.” Many customers spend a good deal of their valuable time researching just what they want in their new home. So it’s great to hear, “It feels like Christmas,” when they see our Preliminary Design Package for the first time.

I’d like to make a point about our painstaking approach that sets us apart from many home designers. The best home design begins on a real drawing board and not a computer monitor. Don’t get me wrong. My draftsmen’s experience with the latest Hi-Performance building practices and of course their skill with AutoCAD is invaluable in creating a detailed, build-able set of plans. However, incorporating a very personal “wish list” as well as a multitude of other important considerations that result in a great floor plan and a very attractive facade is best drafted at first, by-hand. With experience and patience we approach each home design as a work of art and not just another cut and paste project to speed through. Indeed, thoughtful home design breathes life into a customer’s dream, a world away from paying a draftsman to “draw up a set of plans.”

We also take pride in maximizing the livability of every square foot. It is often said that our homes feel much larger than the square footage indicates. In fact, by conceiving the perfect home with less square footage than our customers have believed possible, we often save the home owner more than the cost of our design fee. Add to that the extraordinary energy savings of up to two-thirds of a comparably sized home and the result is very a happy customer! Like Energy Smart Home Plans customer Mr. Crawford who recently wrote, “I absolutely love your design, the home is perfect! The roof is on and the interior is framed. Sight lines are fantastic and it feels a lot bigger than 1800 sq. ft.”

We’re proud of the skill and experience we offer our custom clients and we are grateful to be trusted with this intimate task.

Please visit the Custom Home Design Gallery for just a few examples.

Getting Started with your Custom Home Design

Fill out the “Custom Home Design Service Request Form” below. We’ll reply within two business days to schedule a phone call. Naturally, a face-to-face meeting helps home owners choose a design professional, but a phone call is often all many of our customers need to feel comfortable to proceed with their Custom Design Services.

Describe a vision of your new home, (square foot size, #bedrooms, #baths, #of stories, style of architecture, etc.) the location of your property (a survey would be very helpful) as well as your anticipated budget. If you have yet to secure a lot, we can speak generally about the design of the home.

What To Expect with Your Custom Home Design

After gathering as much information as possible, we’ll provide a formal proposal that includes the tasks involved including all of the documents we produce and the fee breakdown as well as work & payment schedules. Our Fixed Price proposals also include estimated revision hours. With your approval and deposit payment, we can begin Task I, Preliminary Design.

The basic Custom Home Design Service requires at least two tasks and three customer approvals that assure your satisfaction throughout the design process.

Task 1A – Preliminary Design Package

Task 1B – Preliminary Design Set*

Task 2A – CAD Design Development. CAD Preliminary that includes revised Floor Plans, (4) Elevations, Roof Plan and CAD Truss Set of Plans.

See: What is in a Set of Plans?
Of course, phone consultation with your local or long distance builder is included.

*We can provide 3-D Sketch-Up Modeling & Illustrations as visual aids as part of the Preliminary Design Package. As seen in the Boca Grande home, Custom Design Gallery link.

For SW Florida customers, we offer

additional tasks to facilitate the

permitting & building process:

Custom Home Design Five Tasks

Please call for details!

Please visit the Custom Home Design Gallery 

for just a few examples.

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