Energy Smart Benefits

Energy Smart Home Plans (ESHP) homeowners enjoy the look and livability of a much more expensive home while saving a serious amount of cash on energy costs. Energy Smart home building is a cooperative effort between the designer, builder and building scientist.

Building Energy Smart Homes requires no special products or rare talents. All of the materials used in building our affordable Energy Smart homes can be purchased at any builder supply store.

Employing proven and easy to understand building science with a goal of being Energy Smart offers several additional benefits to the homeowner. There are environmental and financial advantages in greatly reducing energy consumption.

The Main Energy Smart Benefits:


It is a fact that the toxic air most Americans breathe is inside their own homes. Starting with a tight thermal building envelope, an Energy Smart homeowner enjoys enhanced indoor air quality with controlled and filtered outside air.
Placing the mechanical cooling and heating equipment as well as the ducts inside the homes conditioned space greatly reduces the presence of pathogens, pollen, mold, mildew and other toxins prevalent in lesser-built homes.


An Energy Smart home’s mechanical cooling and heating system should not be heard, seen or felt. A balanced system results in evenly distributed air flow for more even temperatures from room-to-room. This is achieved with properly designed and engineered equipment including the air supplies and air returns throughout the home.


With a team approach to construction, the designer and building scientist reviews and recommends all of the Energy Smart home’s components and construction techniques with the builder and subcontractors. This greatly reduces improper installation and implementation, resulting in a much safer and better quality home.


An Energy Smart Home built with the entire mechanical system designed and engineered within conditioned space results in extended life of the equipment and a virtually maintenance free duct system.

Simply put, Energy Smart homes are built better. The builder commitment and team approach results in a home with a tighter thermal envelope. This produces a much stronger, better quality construction, when compared to a typical new home.


Built with Advanced Framing, Energy Smart homes use significantly less lumber and building materials while increasing a home’s structural integrity. This creates a home with 20% less waste while adding to the safety and durability of the home.

All Energy Smart Home Plans include the mechanical cooling and heating system equipment and the ducts within the conditioned space of the home. This special attention to planning dramatically decreases the size of the heating and cooling systems by 40 to 50% and therefore the initial cost of the systems.


Energy Smart Home Plans standard use of raised heel trusses in the attic and either 2×6 framing or the use of rigid foam board on our block wall design creates adequate insulation which is just the start towards better-built homes.

Energy Smart Home Plans recommends a slab foundation wherever appropriate. One of the many benefits of a slab is that it helps keep a home comfortably warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is the most structurally sound foundation which also adds to the home’s durability, safety and resource efficiency by using less lumber.

All Energy Smart Home Plan designs include the mechanical cooling and heating system equipment and the ducts within the conditioned space of the home. This design alone can save over 25% in monthly energy costs while increasing the durability of the system. This also dramatically decreases the size and the initial cost of the mechanical system itself.

True Net-Zero Homes

When built to the plan specifications, Energy Smart Home Plans homes routinely consume half the energy of a typical new home and save more than twice the energy of an Energy Star home. In fact, with the addition of solar, many of our designs have been affordably built as true “Net-Zero Energy Homes” producing all of the energy the owners need.