Energy Smart Remodel

Our Energy Smart Home Plans customers certainly appreciate our home designs and the extra-ordinary, energy-efficient homes built from our plans. Sometimes, customers prefer to remodel an existing home. Good news! Since we provide expert Remodel Design Services.

Improved energy efficiency may not be a top priority when remodeling a second or vacation home, but it is always appreciated. We are however hired first and foremost for our design skill and knack of getting the most living area out of every square foot. We’re also very good at ensuring your finished home will be as though “it’s always been this way” and not a patchwork of short-sighted additions with scant attention to the home’s curb appeal.

Remodel, Getting Started

Please fill out the “Remodel Design Service Request Form” below. The more detailed your description, the better. Photos and any images depicting your dream home and perhaps a recent survey. We’ll reply within two business days to schedule a phone call.
Naturally, a face-to-face meeting helps home owners choose a design professional, but a phone call is often all many of our customers need to feel comfortable to proceed with our Remodel Design Services.

Initially we’ll want to discuss your existing home and your vision for your new home. Then we can determine the tasks and documents required to meet your expectations and budget. We’ll want to know if suitable, pre-existing As-Built Drawings are available, since avoiding the cost of recreating these documents not to mention the possibility of travel & lodging helps the bottom line!

What To Expect with Your Remodel

Once our scope of work is determined, we’ll provide a formal proposal which includes; the tasks involved and the documents we will produce, a fee breakdown as well as work & payment schedules. Our fixed price proposals also include estimated revision hours. With your approval and our clear understanding of your wish list and budget, suitable As-Built Drawings and your deposit payment, we can begin the creative Task I, Preliminary Design.

Just like our Custom Design Service, at a minimum our Remodel Design Service usually requires at least three tasks and three customer approvals insuring customer satisfaction throughout the design process. With suitable pre-existing As-Built drawings and no Site Visits required, our scope of work could be limited to; Preliminary Design, CAD Preliminary* (inc. Demo Plans) and a final Design Development – CAD Truss Set of Plans. See: What is in a Set of Plans?
Of course, phone consultation with your local or long distance builder is included.

*We can even provide 3-D SketchUp Modeling & Illustrations as visual aids as part of the Preliminary Design Package.

Note that depending upon the complexity, size and scope of the Remodel Design Services, the three tasks listed above can take up to two months, longer of course if additional tasks are required. Our past Remodel Design Service fees have typically started at a minimum fee of $7500, before adding any of the additional tasks listed below.

For SW Florida customers, we offer additional tasks to facilitate the permitting & building process:

  • Site Visits (before and during construction)
  • As-Built Drawings production
  • Structural Engineering signed and sealed Permit Ready plans needed to obtain a building permit.
  • Mechanical Engineering for a perfectly sized and balanced HVAC system, so important to an energy-efficient home.
  • Coordination of the Builder, their Truss Manufacturer, the Structural and the Mechanical Engineering to aid our customers in obtaining a timely building permit.

Please call for details!

Please take a moment to see the marvelous examples of a Remodel Design for a Naples, Florida home.

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