FGCU Students Meet Net-Zero Energy Experts

FGCU Students Meet Net-Zero Energy Experts — Fort Myers based Hi-Performance builder, Shawn Harvey of Greencastle Inc. and designer Dave Jenkins of Energy Smart Home Plans are almost done with the construction of a true Net-Zero home, the 711 Tavernier. These are the Net-Zero Energy Experts.

FGCU-energy-efficient-housingThe customers, Roy and Kathleen are very excited about telling the story about their one-in-a-million Net-Zero Energy home and how we are accomplishing the task. Their efforts gained the attention of our local university FGCU, so builder Shawn Harvey and designer Dave Jenkins of Energy Smart Home Plans were invited by professor Simeon Komisar PhD, to give an informal presentation to several of the environmental and civil engineering department students and staff. Many were very keen and excited to learn just what we are doing in terms of building science, hi-performance and indeed, true Net-Zero Energy Homes!

True Net-Zero Energy Homes

Outside of meeting with custom clients, Shawn and I had not formally presented before a large group and we arrived prepared only with our real-life experience, which is backed up by cutting edge building science. We were happy to discuss why we design and build they way we do.

Homeowner Roy flew all the way from Norway to attend. Without forward thinking customers like Roy and Kathleen, Net-Zero Energy Homes just don’t happen! Also in attendance was Shawn’s son Alex Harvey, owner of Illuminate Design. Alex kept the meeting focused. He also prepared a visual presentation to help explain the design and building process for hi-performance homes. Also contributing to the discussion was Kathy McKinnon, a local realtor and marketing professional with a strong science teaching background. You may have seen Kathy’s Facebook page, The Cape Coral House Hunter Facebook page.

FGCU-energy-efficient-housing-studentsThe impromptu meeting lasted about an hour and a half which allowed time for questions and answers from an enthusiastic group that were hungry for the news we brought. Yes, we can competitively design and build Net-Zero Energy Homes in Southwest Florida! The big box builders do have an advantage in volume, but they don’t even try to compete with our super low energy bills! The involvement of the excited Environmental Engineering students and staff made for a fun and lively discussion! Not really preparing a script for the meeting was not an issue since after all, Shawn and I’ve given that hour-long, “hi-performance home elevator speech” over a thousand times!

Kathleen and Roy want to help us inform everyone that will listen. They believe that getting the word out about building truly sustainable homes is the right thing to do! We say a big thank you to Kathleen and Roy!

Stay tuned for more updates from FGCU and please visit the designer’s and builder’s webpages!

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Dave Jenkins

Dave Jenkins is a leading designer of Hi-Performance homes for the residential market. His award-winning home designs boast the nation's most energy-efficient homes available. Dave has over 25 years of experience in high-end, residential design and illustration for luxury builders and developers.

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