The Little “Big House” in Leesburg, Florida

Little Big House

Trenton, Plan #116

Congratulations to Kevco Builders, for constructing another energy-efficient home. Our Trenton Plan #116, the Little Big House. New homeowner Joe C. couldn’t be happier. He says “we call this, our 4th home, ‘The Big House’ despite it’s smaller size, it feels bigger than the rest. I’m inspired every morning I wake up here.” And, “It’s the most comfortable house we’ve ever lived in.”

Not only is this Hi-Performance 1,820 sq ft Little Big House comfortable, but the energy savings puts money in Joe’s wallet. Joe estimates more than $120 every month. No extra solar power needed! Unless Joe decides to achieve Net-Zero Energy. If so, we estimate he’ll need just 3kW of PV, at a cost of approximately $5,000. That’s a $0 energy bill over the course of twelve months.

Little Big House Comfort

  • $60 per month electric bill (no solar)
  • Block wall on mono-slab foundation
  • 100% LED lighting
  • 16 SEER variable speed HVAC
  • And of course, our Ducts In Conditioned Space (DICS).
Little Big House

Trenton Front Porch

Dave Jenkins

Dave Jenkins is a leading designer of Hi-Performance homes for the residential market. His award-winning home designs boast the nation's most energy-efficient homes available. Dave has over 25 years of experience in high-end, residential design and illustration for luxury builders and developers.

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