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At Big Whiskey Builders, a great home begins with a great floor plan. Our Energy Smart Home Plans are painstakingly designed to “live bigger,” while reducing both construction and energy costs — an ESHP signature feature — and is very much appreciated by design and cost-conscious homeowners.

For super energy-efficiency, all of the mechanical equipment (HVAC) is designed to be in the conditioned space. Easy to build chases are designed strategically below a 10’ ceiling and add an architectural upgrade. Placing the Ducts In Conditioned Space can alone save 30% in energy costs. How is this possible? Simply put, the homeowner is no longer paying to push cooled or heated air through a hot or cold attic.

Additional energy saving features include Raised Heel or Cantilevered Trusses that “make room” for optimal attic insulation. Our Advanced Framing 2×6 walls and California Corners yield greater exterior wall insulation while saving 20% of the lumber. You’ll also find deeper overhangs and porches to shade the largest windows. We even simplify the roof design to increase it’s “real estate,” for the addition of a power-producing PV Array and/or Solar hot water system.

Big Whiskey Builder’s homeowners enjoy true comfort and real energy savings. This means real money in your pocket and the knowledge that their home is very easy on the environment.

Big Whiskey’s modified version of the Lorrain is a great example.

Choosing to build a Big Whiskey Net-Zero Energy Home means living with the ultimate; super energy-saving technology, comfort and affordability. No need to sacrifice your lifestyle with these low maintenance homes and pay no net-energy costs as long as you own your home!

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