Cottage House Plans

Cottage House PlansOur Cottage House Plans will achieve the lowest HERS Score. These more affordable, super energy-efficient, Cottage House Plans make terrific starter, vacation and retirement homes.

In spite of being less costly to build, these Cottage house plans have been designed to get the most out of every square inch. They live much larger than the square footage might indicate.

The remarkable success of our hi-performance homes built by Habitat 4 Humanity inspired us to offer the designs to the public. These homes used our trademark Ducts-in-Conditioned Space system. They also featured other energy saving details like 2×4 exterior wall studs and 8 foot tall ceilings.

Need More Than a Cottage?

If you find a Cottage home plan that you like but want to make modifications, we can do that. We can modify any of our plans. If you would like a custom Cottage home designed just for you, we can do that too. We offer a custom home design service that will meet all your needs.

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