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Christopher Cummings

Mobile: 954-304-3755

“PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT is the business philosophy at Cummings Custom Homes. A Former US Army Engineer Captain, a family man and an entrepreneur, Chris has a passion for building homes that meet the needs of the next generation homeowner. Every home built is high-performance and includes a proprietary combination of quality features, smart capabilities and green innovations – standard. Chris is also dedicated to giving back to his local community and beyond. Just one meeting with Chris, owner of Cummings Custom Homes and you’ll know he’s the real deal.”

There are no “half measures” for Chris, so at Cummings Custom Homes, a great home begins with a great floor plan. So Energy Smart Home Plans are painstakingly designed to “live bigger,” while reducing both construction and energy costs — a fact very much appreciated by design and cost-conscious homeowners!

For super energy-efficiency, all of the mechanical equipment (HVAC) is in the conditioned space. AC chases are designed strategically below a 10’ ceiling integrated into the home’s architecture. The Ducts In the Conditioned Space can save 30% in energy bills! How is this possible? Simply put, a Cummings Custom Homeowner is not paying to push cooled or heated air through a hot or cold attic. Additional energy saving features include Raised Heel or Cantilevered Trusses that “make room” for optimal attic insulation and deeper overhangs and porches shading the already cutting-edge, energy-saving windows. Over all, Energy Smart Home Plans save well over half the energy consumed by other homes.

As a Cummings Custom Homeowner you’ll enjoy real comfort and significant energy savings in your next, hi-performance home. This means real money in your pocket and the assurance that your next generation home is indeed very easy on the environment.

Please search the over 180 Energy Smart Home Plans available. If you find a design or floor plan that is “almost” what you are looking for, we can provide Modifications to the plans to suit your needs. Working closely with Cummings Custom Homes, we can also provide Custom Home Design for your next dream home! PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT. It all adds up!

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