Energy Efficient Home Plans

What does it mean to have an Energy Efficient Home? Many home designers and builders believe that an energy efficient home needs to be small and expensive to build. But we know what they don’t want to tell you!

An energy efficient home is not expensive to build. It is not small in size or devoid of features. In order to make your new home more energy efficient all you need to do is follow a few simple rules. The first rule is to design the home to be energy efficient from the start. Things like, where in the home the air-conditioner is placed, how and where you run your duct work, the use of overhangs and porches over large windows, just to name a few. All these things play an important part. These design features combined with modern materials and building techniques result in extraordinarily beautiful and energy efficient homes.

All of our home plans have been designed with these hi-performance home features. This collection of energy efficient home plans features the best of our efforts to combine energy savings along with beautiful design. A hi-performance home will have real world tangible benefits like lower monthly operating costs year after year and increased resale value.

It is not difficult to turn any of these energy efficient homes into a true Net Zero home.

Find Your Energy Efficient House Plans

You can filter the house plans by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms or even house plan style. If you can’t find the house plan that matches your needs, remember we can modify any of our plans to suit you. We can even custom design a house plan just for you.

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