Energy Smart Blueprints

Blueprints are a copy of a technical drawing documenting an architecture or an engineering design. It used a mechanical contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. Introduced in the 19th century, the process allowed for rapid and accurate reproduction of documents. The blue-print process was characterized by white lines on a blue background. But today we do not need to use mechanical means to reproduce technical drawings.

Modern Blueprints

Today all our energy efficient home plans are created using AutoCAD programs. Because they are electronic documents we can print them, to scale, on paper. This allows us to print shades of grey and even color. Although most home plans do not have much color in them, but we could if we wanted.

The majority of the time we sell house plans in PDF format. This format makes it quick and easy to send the plans to our clients. They in turn can have the PDF’s printed were it is convenient for them.

Remember, we can modify any of our energy efficient home plans to suit your needs. We also offer a full custom home design service, if your are looking for something truly special.


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