Energy Smart Home Design

Home design has everything to do with energy efficiency! At Energy Smart Home Plans we understand this and we design every one of our home plans to be super-energy efficient!

Simply adding energy efficient doors, widows, appliances, and lighting doesn’t make it energy efficient. If the home design doesn’t incorporate the needed features it is not going to be energy efficient or energy smart.

A home design that is energy efficient can be built with common materials and with skills builders, and their subcontractors, already possess. Builders merely need to employ the easy-to-follow specs included in our plans. It costs no more to build our super efficient, hi-performance homes than a normal home.

Net-Zero Home Design

More documented Net-Zero Energy homes have been built from Energy Smart Home Plans than any other source. Because our homes are so energy efficient it requires far fewer solar panels to achieve Net-Zero Energy.

Want to modify one of our energy efficient house plans? We offer modifications on all of our home plans. If you are looking for a custom home designed just for you, we can do that too.


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