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Builder Shawn Harvey, the president of Greencastle Inc., proudly provides the best in Hi-Performance homes for discerning clients in Southwest Florida. The owner of Energy Smart Home Plans, Dave Jenkins likes to say, “Shawn Harvey is the best Hi-Performance home builder for several hundred miles.” Then Dave adds, “…and that’s no exaggeration.” It’s true, Greencastle Inc.’s homes are super energy-efficient and some indeed have been built as Net-Zero Energy Homes with no net energy costs, like the Windhym model #123.

Greencastle’s expertise with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) exterior walls makes the homes they build virtually storm proof as well as having fewer pests, less dust and are much more quiet. Shawn Harvey is a true artisan who crafts every home he builds. He’s always ready to provide his input to insure the best design for his client’s budget. Evidence of a true custom builder, Shawn’s never built the same home twice!

Looking for a Custom Home Design?

“I understand that their home is very likely my customer’s largest asset. So, I take very seriously the beauty, efficiency, strength and health of each home we build. Having the passion and skills needed to provide truly exceptional homes for my customers is a great source of pride. I would love to build one for your family.”

– Shawn Harvey – President, Greencastle, Inc.

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