Mediterranean Home Plans

Mediterranean Home Plans, The San LazzaroThe wide popularity of Mediterranean Home Plans commonly categorized as Italian, Tuscan and Spanish have been extremely well received in America. Many ‘New World’ interpretations have made there mark here. The southern and western states all have their own adaptations borrowing eclectic details from Moorish, Mission and Renaissance influences.

Identifying features of Mediterranean Home Plans can be either hipped or gabled roofs, but almost always covered with barrel tiles. Recessed entries topped with arches supported by classical columns or pilasters. Walls are generally semi-smooth stucco, accented with carved stonework surrounding windows and parapets. Rough-hewn wood beams and brackets are sometimes found both inside and out.

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If you are interested in a Custom Designed home that specifically suits your lifestyle and location, we are experts at crafting a beautiful residence that meets your every desire. We also offer modifications services to any of our existing Energy Smart Home Plans.

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