Narrow Lot Home Plans

Narrow Lot Home PlansNarrow Lot Home Plans come in every size and architectural style. Their restricted width requires greater creativity in the design process that often produces extremely livable and memorable homes. Many narrow lot home plans have the best indoor/outdoor relationships. Private Cabanas, upper floor balconies, large covered Lanais surrounding private outdoor living areas help these narrow homes feel significantly larger.

If you are interested in a narrow lot home that will comply with your communities design regulations we can help. We can modify any of our narrow lot home plans to suit your needs. When a modification is not enough we have a custom house design service that can design a house specifically for you. Give us a call to find out more.

Narrow Lot Homes Fit Todays Tends

Many of today’s planned communities have narrow lots. These developments can foster great feelings of connectedness and community. Our narrow lot home plans are designed to be super energy efficient. These house plans will achieve the lowest HERS Score in the marketplace when built to our specifications.

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