West Indies Style Home Plans

603-west-indies-home-planEnergy Smart Home Plans has designed several custom and builder spec homes to be built in the West Indies and more particularly in the Caribbean. These island homes in many ways resemble French Colonial Architecture with deep overhangs with dual pitched hip roofs and horizontal or vertical exterior siding.

The West Indies exterior styling is the rage here in Southwest Florida but the local version can be considerably different and many ways, it represents a more modern approach to the style. The hip roof with the dual pitches aren’t seen as often, but the deep overhangs remain true to style. Considered more wind and hurricane resistant, hip roofs built with engineered trusses is the preferred method in Florida and favored by insurers.

The West Indies horizontal and vertical siding is replaced with a stucco siding, a much more common exterior cladding over the prevailing SW Florida block wall construction. These stucco walls are often scored horizontally and/or vertically resulting in a more modern design aesthetic. Masonry parapet walls are also often used in the West Indies style.

Transoms are flat as are window headers and interior beams. Very light colored exterior walls with flat tile or metal roofs with large, sometimes oversized architectural brackets is the finish of choice. Also Bahama shutters and decorative vents enhance the island feel. High contrast between light colored walls and dark roofs and accents such as the brackets, window mullions, doors and shutters is the favorite scheme. So the reverse can be also true with darker walls and white trim, very much like the narrow, 45’ wide Fontera Model, Plan #601. The 2,570 square foot open concept, Great Room floor plan offers a lot of living per foot in four bedrooms, three baths plus a den, suitable for a 5th bedroom.

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