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Builder Dan Wigh, owner of Wytek Construction, was a 1st Class Hi-Performance builder before meeting Dave Jenkins, owner of Energy Smart Home Plans (ESHP), back in 2009. Both understood the importance of the home’s mechanical system, even as part of the Preliminary Design, so they began immediately collaborating on beautiful, cutting edge homes.

Wytek Constructions’s customers enjoy healthier indoor air quality and homes that offer greater durability & storm resistance, requiring much less maintenance and boast significantly lower energy costs than any competitor’s homes.

Wytek is also known for their proprietary, fire resistant, 5000 PSI concrete walls that are water tight and optimally insulated. They are also 400% stronger than a block wall, proven to withstand large missile impacts up to 235 miles per hour. They are a great solution to Florida’s harsh environment, Dan’s customers enjoy a safer more durable home. Very importantly, Dan Wigh provides all this – at competitive prices.

Please search the over 180 Energy Smart Home Plans available. If you find a design or floor plan that is “almost” what you are looking for, we can modify the plan to suit your needs. Working closely with Wytek Construction, ESHP can also provide Custom Home Design for your next dream home!

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