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All of Our Energy Smart Home Plans offer unprecedented energy savings. Built from easy-to-follow specifications, homeowners enjoy one third the energy costs of comparably sized homes! Many have been documented in our Testimonials.

Energy Smart Home Plans’ trademark Ducts In Conditioned Space makes super energy efficiency very affordable. In fact many builders report Energy Smart Home Plans cost less to build than their previous homes. We also advocate Hi-Performance Low-e windows, LED lighting, energy-saving appliances, but a tight building envelope is a must.

Our home plan designs achieve the lowest HERS score in the industry! Such low HERS scores make true Net-Zero Energy Homes affordable too, since so few solar panels are needed to replace the small amount of energy our homes consume.

If you don’t find a design that is exactly what you want we can modify any of our efficient house plans to be just what you are looking for. Or if you prefer, we’d be happy to create a Custom Home Design, for your next dream home!


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