What Do I Get and When?

ESHP sells plans in “electronic format.”
After you have purchased your plan you will receive an email with a link. This link will allow you to download your electronic copy of your home plan.

When will I get my email?
During normal business days you should receive your email within 24 hours. If there is going to any delay we will email you a progress report within 24 hours.

What is in a Set of Plans?

The following are included in each plan set.



The Cover sheet contains an index of the sheets that will follow in the ESHP design development set of plans. It will also include a gray scale elevation or rendering depicting the look of the front of the home, and overall roof plan.

Kevwood Cover Page in a set of plans

Cover Page




The Wall Section sheet depicts one or more sections of the home’s exterior walls from the foundation to the roof, calling out all materials and construction specifics.

Wall Section

Wall Section


The Foundation Plan sheet shows the home’s foundation layout depicting plumbing, footing, support walls, columns, etc., calling out the necessary notes, dimensions and details.

Foundation Plan

Foundation Plan

SECOND FLOOR FRAMING (where appropriate)

The Second Floor Framing sheet shows important locations of beams and load-bearing conditions, as well as the floor truss spacing and direction. The Second Floor Framing Plan is meant as general information for the truss manufacturer.

Framing Plan

Floor Framing Plan




The Floor Plan sheet(s), show a detailed layout of the floor plans with dimensions, notes, call outs and keys relating to sheets with sections and details needed by your builder for construction. These plans will include window and door sizes and locations, and will also show the location of bathroom fixtures.




The Roof Plan sheet is a general layout of the home’s roof. It is meant as general information for the truss manufacturer and framing contractor. This sheet also contains the location and size of the dropped soffits housing the forced-air chases. (Ducts in Conditioned Space – DICS) Energy Smart Home Plans is the only design company that offers this information for those seeking truly High-Performance Homes.

Roof Plan

Roof & Soffit Plan


The reflected ceiling plan shows all ceiling heights, treatments, and details including necessary notes.

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Reflected Ceiling Plan


The Exterior Elevation sheet(s) depict elevations for all sides of the home, showing dimensions and material notes and exterior detailing where needed.


The Cross Section sheet depicts a section through the home revealing floor, ceiling and roof heights at a strategic location. The Interior Elevation sheet shows conceptual interior wall elevations for the Kitchen, Bathrooms, Utility Room as well as built-ins, fireplaces and other unique interior features as per design. (Interior elevations may not be available for all stock plans.)

Cross Sections

Building Section & Interior Elevations




The Electrical Plan sheet shows suggested wiring and location of fixtures (lighting, ceiling fans, etc.), switches and outlets. This plan does not contain diagrams detailing how all wiring should be run, or how circuits should be engineered. Your electrician should work out these details.

Electrical Plan

Electrical Plan